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October 1, 2015

Healthy Snack Idea:

August 31, 2015

Five Ways to Entertain You Baby and Older Child at the Same Time

It can be challenging to care for both a newborn and their older sibling. Click here for some ideas to keep everyone happy.

August 8, 2015

Birth Story: Samuel

It's a couple of weeks late, because we were on vacation, but I recently published a guest post on the Boston Mom's Blog about my experience having a baby in South Korea.


Check it out here.

June 17, 2015

FWIW: A Short Glossary of Online Abbreviations

Having a new baby can be isolating. New moms tend to spend much of their time either alone, or with people who are not fully understanding of their experiences or on board with their parenting decisions. However, modern moms are fortunate to be able to connect with a like-minded community through online groups. While not the only solution, many of us have found encouragement from the words of other new moms online. That is, if we can understand them. Sometimes the abbreviations used in these groups can seem like a foreign language to newcomers.


Click here to see the glossary. 

June 1, 2015

Five Things No One Ever Told You About Postpartum Depression

  1. Depression is just one of a range of mood disorders than can affect new mothers.

Aside from depression, other disorders related to childbirth include panic, obsessive-compulsive, bipolar, post traumatic stress, and psychosis. Feeling unresponsive  or resentful  towards your baby, experiencing intrusive thoughts, or being unable to relax to sleep have all been experienced by many women across time, age, income level, and ethnicity. 


Read more here.

May 20, 2015

What My Husband's Professional Developement Class Has to do With Your Life as a New Parent

A few days ago, my husband attended the last weekly meeting of his after-work professional development course. This got me thinking back to last February, when he started the class, the first time I was alone with our three kids for over twelve hours, from breakfast until bedtime.


Click here to find out what happened.

April 27, 2015

3 Myths About Newborn Sleep

When you have a new baby, people are always asking about how sleep is going and offering their own advice and experiences. But don't believe everything you hear...


Discover three popular myths here.

April 9, 2015

Interview on Macaroni Kid

I was recently interviewed for an article on the parenting website North Shore MA Macaroni Kid. In the interview I described the role and benefits of hiring a postpartum doula, as well as the circumstances that lead to my choosing to become one and my vision for helping parents of newborns throughout Boston and the North Shore. Enjoy!


Read the interview here.

March 30, 2015

March 17, 2015

Bringing a New Baby to a New Place: How a Doula Can Help with Travel

So you finally feel like you’re starting to get this whole parenting thing down. Feeding is going well, your baby will *sometimes* sleep for a while in her bassinet or swing, and maybe you’ve even managed a trip to the grocery store. Or not. Either way, something has come up that’s about to disrupt any feeling of regaining your equilibrium that you may have started to experience. 


March 12, 2015

Can you relate?

Moms Need Moms: Why Building Your Network Early Is Important

A benefit of hiring a postpartum doula is being able to connect with a caring adult during the challenging and isolating times of parenting a newborn. But my goal is to work myself out of a job and leave you feeling ready to step out on your own as a parent. Having a long-term network of mom friends to grow with is key for a happy and healthy parenting experience. Christa from Mom Meet Mom understands these struggles first hand and has shared some ideas for finding mom friends and why it is so important to parent in community. 


Read more here

March 5, 2015

How a Postpartum Doula Can Help


I was asked to share a guest post about the awesomeness of postpartum doula care over at the Hello, Mamas! blog. Check it out!


Travelling with my husband while pregnant.

January 29, 2015


Your New Normal, or Why Having a Baby is Like Moving Overseas


Do you ever feel like having a baby has changed your life so drastically you might as well have moved to a foreign country? Well, take it from someone who had a baby overseas- there actually are a lot of similarities. 


Read more here


Supporting mamas and babies!

January 14, 2015


My Favorite Nursing Pillow, AKA Husband-Assisted Breastfeeding


The day after coming home from the hospital with my youngest, I sent my husband out on a mission… to get me a new husband. 


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Two days after the birth of my son.

January 5, 2015


An open letter to myself as a new mom...


Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! You spent months anticipating, dreaming, and wondering about this new little person growing inside you. Now, finally, after hours of intense labor, you get to meet him face to face. You get to touch his skin, smell his head, hold his warm, squirmy body. You brought him home after just a few days in the hospital, but when you walked through your door it felt like you have been gone for months. Everything is the same, yet everything has changed.


 Read more here

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